Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Living in a world of GERMS

Well, not a whole lot is going on in our world...just doctor visits! I know everyone knows what I'm talking about right now. I swear this has been the worst sick season ever!! Maybe I am noticing it more now that I have two kids. Let me start from the beginning. Hayden went to the doctor just before Christmas because his allergies were acting up. So, the doctor changed his medicine and sent us on our way. It was kind of too late because two weeks later, and the day after Christmas, we were back at the doctor and his allergies had turned into a sinus infection! (miserable Christmas!) Two weeks after we went back to school, Carson was at the doctor with an ear infection. Four days later we were back at the doctor with Carson, a double ear infection and bronchiolitis! (Jan.21st and Jan 25th) On the 28th of January, Carson was scheduled for his two month shots but couldn't get them because one ear was clear and the other ear was still infected....antibiotic number three for him. February 8th Carson finally got his two month shots, even though he was already 3 months old. Yesterday, the 25th, Carson had his check up and his ears are clear but now he has a mild case of thrush because of all the antibiotics he's been on. Got another antibiotic to clear that up! I went ahead and had the doctor check Hayden out because his allergies were bothering him and guess what he had...another sinus infection! I feel like I should own stock in Walgreens!! Hayden goes back to the doctor for his check up on March 10th and Carson gets his second round of shots three weeks after that. Dr Scott is really getting to know us very well this year! I called one day and when he returned my call he said "did you miss seeing me over the weekend so now you're just calling me!!" Pretty funny. I almost feel like Carson doesn't even know what life is like when you feel good. Poor guy. So, despite all our dr's visits and drugs, my boys still manage to pose for pictures and keep on trucking day after day. Here's a few cute pictures from the past two weeks. Hope you all are well....someone needs to be:-)


*Kendra* said...

You just made me tired with all your sickness and doctor talk. you need to hit a spa or something! I can't wait till it's warm and we can hit the park!

Cara said...

I hear ya! I am so ready for warm weather!

Gina Savage said...

Great to hear from you. This has been a horrible sick season. Sorry to hear the boys haven't felt well. Everyone in Bama is ready for Spring. It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for ya. Look forward to keeping in touch.