Monday, October 31, 2005


And now...the saddest day of our life so far. SHOTS. We were excited because it was Halloween and we had the cutest little pea in a pod and we were going to get to see how much Hayden had grown. We were sad because our little man got four shots and Daddy had to hold him down for them. He made us realize he not only looks just like Matt, but also acts just like him. He ran fever and milked us for all the attention he could get! He was now 11lbs.12oz and was 23 and a half inches long. After two months with Hayden, we have realized he is one of the most laid back babies on earth. He rarely cries, he loves to play in his bouncy seat, and he is a cuddle bunny! His Sunday school teachers love him to death. I think they fight over who gets to hold him!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Piece of cake?

The first day of Hayden's life was filled with love from our church family. We had so many visitors, including our friends Kelly and Shauna's new little girl Jordan. She was born 12 days before Hayden. We were supposed to stay in the hospital until Tuesday morning, but we were so ready to be in our own bed, we checked out Monday afternoon. Of course we thought we could handle going home a day early, how hard could this be? Well, day three of Hayden's life was quite interesting. We ended up back at the hospital meeting with the lactation consultant because Hayden hadn't eaten for about 8 hours. After a few hours of me crying because I was the worst mom on earth, we figured out the breast feeding thing and we were waiting by the front door for some help from the grandparents. Our parents spent about a week with us, teaching us all about living with a newborn and taking lots of pictures. It was hard to see them go, but we made our first plane ride with Hayden when he was 6 weeks old to visit them in Oklahoma and Texas. He slept the whole time on the plane, which made it easy on us! He was just starting to smile, so everyone got a little taste of his precious personality.