Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

This weekend we had Hayden's first birthday party. My mom flew in from Texas and it's been so good having her here. We did a banana split theme, so the extra hand in the serving line was wonderful. I kind of figured Hayden wouldn't eat his cake, so we just gave him a small cupcake. Of course once he got it on his hands, he hated it! He's not a big fan of being dirty. Maybe this is why my one year old still won't eat table food. He hates for his hands to be dirty! We had about 20 people over and Hayden got so many toys. Mom kept him last night for us so Matt and I could go on a date. Our first one since we had Hayden!! It was awesome. She said out of all the new toys he got, he chose to play with his fire truck he's had for probably 6 months. We bought him a Turbo Coupe car and he LOVES it. We haven't been outside in it yet, but he really digs cruising through the house in it. We were going to go get his first birthday pictures made on Monday while Mom was still here, but of course the place is closed on Monday's. She'll head back to Texas on Tuesday and then the Noe's are off to the beach! I'm so excited. I'm sure pictures will follow soon after we return. So, here's some pictures from Hayden's party. My how time has flown by this first year. It's been awesome though and I'm so glad God chose me to be his Mommy!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Me, Crazy..??

Well, I guess I haven't sat down and just written a long blog entry in a while. Since I know people read my blog now, I'll go for it! Hayden's only 11 days away from being one. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. There's a place in his baby book that says "Letter from Mommy" and "Letter from Daddy." Neither one of us felt like we could write a letter to Hayden when he was only one month old. We barely knew him. So, Matt and I both sat down a few nights ago and wrote our letters to Hayden. It was pretty hard to sum up your feelings for your child in just a short letter. Of course Matt's was better than mine, but they both ended up good. He's really turning into a little boy now. He's walking and really close to just taking off and running! He's played with some other kids in a playgroup and loved the interaction. I was in the playgroup, I believe, a total of three weeks. I'll tell you right now, Stay at Home Mom's are nuts! Now I'm a stay at home mom and yes, I am going nuts staring at my child all day and the four walls are closing in on me. Here's a little example of what I'm talking about...because my hubby is cheapo, we only have 13 channels. So, when Days of Our Lives is over at 2:00, I don't have anything to watch until 5:00. Hayden takes about a 2 and a half hour nap in the afternoon, so I've got some time on my hands. Well, two weeks ago Matt was working from home one day and looked over at me and I was laying on the couch watching the ceiling fan spin round, round, round.... Now I'm sure you're thinking "you're the crazy one Andrea." Yes I am, but these mom's in this playgroup are nuts. I'm not gonna go into the middle school details, but I'm not in the group anymore. Maybe I'll get Hayden a dog. Oh wait, we already have two that we hate. Maybe I'll take him to our church preschool...oh wait, we don't have one. Maybe I'll go for walks more often...oh wait, it's 2,000 degrees outside. Well, I guess I'll just blog more often. Stay tuned folks. This could get interesting. Here's some pictures for ya...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I knew I was loved!!

So, I do have readers on this blog. That makes me happy! And the Hayden saga continues.........

Monday, August 14, 2006

Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Is there anyone out there? Does anyone read the NoeWonder blog? I'm starting to wonder if I should start using this thing as a personal diary....the only person that seems to comment is my sis-in-law. It would be kind of like she was sneaking in my room and reading my diary or something! (Melissa, I promise not to write details of my love life with your brother, ha ha) So, I guess before I post another entry, I'd like to see a show of hands of who reads this darn blog. I guess if no one posts a comment, my question will be answered! Have a good day.........Melissa.