Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beach Bum

We went to Port Aransas, TX this past weekend. We were there Thur-Mon. for Matt's family reunion. A lot changes when you have a baby. I guess the last time I went to the beach I layed out all day and Matt boogie boarded most of the time, we lounged around the condo, went out to eat whenever and wherever....not anymore! You get to see a lot more of your hotel room with a baby because you have two naps a day, bedtime at 8:00 (which was really 7:00 Texas time) and eating that yummy seafood isn't as yummy when it's cold:) I wouldn't trade all of it for the world though. Hayden loved the waves in the gulf. He was literally running into the water while he hung onto Matt's fingers. He giggled each time the waves splashed up on his chest. Here are a few pictures of Hayden on the beach.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Little Red Wagon

Aunt Melissa got Hayden this super cool "off roading" wagon! He's been too little to ride in it, so it's just been sitting in our garage. Last night I told Matt to put it together and he ended up getting a lot of help from Hayden. It was really cute watching Hayden try to help and play with the tools. I was snapping pictures and Matt kept saying "Could you help me out here...He's choking on a piece of the wagon Andrea....He's in my way, can you get him..." I was saying "Hang on honey, he's so cute right now. I've gotta take one more picture!" So, here they are in their first father son project.