Thursday, August 28, 2008

Was the party that bad?

Hey boys, don't smile ok?
I like your hat!
Ok, this one did turn out pretty cute. Just cut Matt and Rick out??
Hello? Boys, I'm over here. Cheese...over here guys.
Are you really picking your nose for our picture together?
Say cheese Christa! Angie, Kimberly is that you? I can't tell.
I'm guessing this is Hayden?
Don't be scared Noah. My mom just doesn't know how to take pics!
You want us to wear these hats?
Was the party that bad Camille and Vivi?
Ok, I did a birthday post before this one so make sure you scroll down and see the sweet post before this funny one. Last Saturday we had Hayden's 3rd birthday party at Let's Jump. It didn't go as I had planned but I don't think anyone knew that but family. We were 5 minutes late (to HIS party!!!), Matt blew up 20 balloons at Walmart the morning of the party so we could decorate and then give one to each kid at the party and they happened to stay in Matt's home!! We also bought a new camera that we paid extra for 2 day delivery to make sure we had it in time for the party b/c my camera has been broken. Well, I knew I put it in Carson's diaper bag, I knew it! When it came time to take pictures of the kids jumping on the bounce houses, for Hayden to blow his candles out etc etc, I couldn't find the camera. I sent my parents on a wild goose chase, they drove to my house and turned it upside down looking for the camera....that was in the floorboard of my car the whole time!! Well, once I got the camera, with about 20 minutes of party time left, it was on some weird setting that was delaying every picture I took. So, lots of people's heads were cut off and the kids would smile then look away right when the picture would take. Anyways, the pictures that I got have cracked us up because they kind of represent how "out of whack" we felt during the party. Here's a few of the funny ones.....

Happy 3rd Birthday Hayden!!

Kind of like the Lion King movie huh?
Hayden's 1st birthday in North Carolina
Hayden's 2nd birthday
Hayden sportin' his new Batman pj's and scooter he got for his 3rd!

Today was Hayden's 3rd birthday! What an exciting 3 years it has been with him. He makes me laugh every day and even though he's turning in to a little boy, I still see him as my little baby. He is so polite, he loves his Daddy more than anything in this world, he tells me I look pretty all the time, he's a great big brother and loves Carson to pieces, his personality brings so much joy to Matt and I every day, he loves Jesus and Mr. Charlie's class at church, and he is obsessed with all things transportation. I could go on and on about my sweet little boy but I'll just post some pictures of him and move on to a hilarious birthday party post. I love you Hayden Thomas!! (isn't it funny that when we all do "tributes"
to our kids, we sign it with "I love you____" like they are reading our blogs?!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mason and Hayden.....Two Peas in a Pod!

I haven't posted in forever!! My camera has been broken for almost a month and I finally got a new one. I'm going to do a post about Hayden's birthday party but I think I'll wait until his birthday on Thursday. Christa posted some pictures of Mason and Hayden on her blog and it made me want to compare pictures of those two little monkeys too. I guess this is as good a time as ever to do posts about them since Mason's birthday is Wednesday and Hayden's is Thursday. Here's a few pictures from them playing last year and some from right after Brayden was born and from last Saturday. Crazy how much they change in just one year. They looked like babies and now they look like three year old boys!! I love these two little guys to death!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I have to confess something. I have a horrible addiction. I think I need help because I'm no longer in denial. I know I have a problem. It started off small and now it is consuming my days and nights. My addiction is Facebook!! I was just addicted to blogspot and now I've added Facebook. I'm sick. A few nights ago I dreamed in "facebook." Instead of having conversations with people, I invited people to be my friend and confirmed other people's requests and when I talked, I actually wrote on peoples walls. (you have to be on facebook to understand all of this) In about 24 hours, I managed to find over 100 friends from my present and past to be friends with. Now I will say that I'm not "close" to all of these people but a good majority of them I added to my friends list just so I could stalk them. As if I needed to lurk around another "social utility" like blogspot!! Help wait, don't help me. Honestly, I LOVE it. Curious now? I won't be surprised if I get a friend request from you soon.....go ahead, check it out:-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We are at such a fun stage in Hayden's life right now. He will be turning 3 in about 3 weeks and I think this is going to be a great year! Two was definitely "terrible" for Hayden. I could begin listing the reasons why it was so terrible, but I have chosen to forget a good portion of the past year:-) Lately he has been so enjoyable. Really for the past few months. He talks constantly and there are times when Matt and I look at each other and say "we are having a conversation with our baby!" Last year he was pretty shy and I feel like he's really started coming out of his shell. We always say we wish others could know the Hayden we know at home. Well now I think people are starting to meet our Hayden! The one thing he still refuses to do is sing church songs during Childrens Worship or VBS etc. Trust me, he knows them...or so he thinks! He walks around and sings the songs all the time and it is so cute. Sometimes the words don't come out exactly right though. For example, during VBS they sang a song and one part they say "ooo ah, sock it to the devil" and yesterday he was walking around singing "ooo ah, sock it to the dessert!" Maybe he feels like we're living in the dessert right now? He also sings the Lords Army like this "I may never march in the calvary, ride in the calvary, shoot the calvary...." Yikes, beware calvary!! Another song he sings is "If you're happy in your nose, clap your hands..." I try not to laugh so it doesn't discourage him from singing the songs but it is so funny. He's really into firemen right now too (that's the theme for his bday party) and after VBS we asked him what he learned and he told us "about Jesus." Good answer Hayden! I asked if he learned about Jesus dying for us. His answers was "yes, he died at the firestation!" They must not have had very good Medics on hand at that firestation! So, there's a few cute stories about my Hayden. I thought it'd be appropriate to post some silly pictures of Hayden. They aren't recent but they fit!

Friday, August 01, 2008

You went Poo....Here's a sticker!

I always swore to myself that I wouldn't be one of those people who talked about my kids tee-tee and poo-poo. Well, I'm going to be one of those people right now. I guess when you're potty training, number one and number two is a BIG DEAL. I've never hugged and kissed and high fived for someone going poo, but I have this week!! Can you imagine if someone gave you a sticker and a starburst and a high five for going to the bathroom? Wouldn't that be great? Matt and Mimi have had lots of phone calls this week about going potty! Right after my last post, Hayden decided he could stand up to go tee-tee and he goes number two in the potty too!! I was a nervous wreck about potty training and my boy did it in two weeks with only about three accidents! He even wore underwear to school yesterday!! Ok, no more potty posts....until it's Carson's turn. Good job Hayden!! Love you buddy!