Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary Buster!

Today Matt and I are celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss! A little tribute here to the Grateful Dead, but What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!! In 9 years, we have moved 7 times!! We started in Abilene, moved to Haltom City, then to North Dallas, Coppell, North Carolina, back to Euless and now we live in Keller! When we walked down the aisle after being pronounced "Mr and Mrs Matt "Buster" Noe", we walked to James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." It has been very sweet to be loved by Matt. We've been a lot of places together, some good and some not so good. When we first were married, I was finishing up school at ACU and he had graduated and was selling cell phones in a kiosk at Walmart on Judge Ely!! He made $6.50/hour!! We did still have my dad's Texaco card though and we used that for many things, not just gas. (oh to have that card today!!) We moved to the metroplex for a "better life" if you will, and stayed in the area until I came home from work one day and Matt was shooting baskets lunch!! His company had laid everyone off that morning when he went to work. About two months later we found ourselves 1400 miles from home in a town called Cary, North Carolina!! If he had not been by my side through that move, I couldn't have made it. To this day we will tell people it was the best move we ever made. We bought our first house there, had our first baby, and really found ourselves! Now here we are back in Texas, a family of four, living a great life!! We've been poor as dirt, we've been through deaths in the family, infertility, the miracle of life x two, a leap of faith move that changed our life forever, and recently a diagnosis of a life altering disease! When I was diagnosed with MS almost two months ago, my mom told me that she knows now, more than ever, that God gave me the most amazing man to be by my side! I agree. Thanks for 9 unbelievable years Buster. Here's to our future........

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We just had our first "family of four" vacation a few weeks ago and we had a blast!! We went to Galveston and stayed at Pointe West with some of our fabulous friends. If you go to Galveston in the near future, go to this place!! Before we left we were already talking to the place about how far in advance we should book for next year! We were there for a long Father's Day weekend and had a ball. Here's some super cute pictures I got while we were there.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday Weekend

We had a weekend full of birthday celebrations! Matt's birthday is the 7th, but we celebrated it on Friday night with some friends. Central Market here has the neatest set up. In the summer, they have live bands that perform. We sat at the picnic tables by the playground for the kids to play and ate and enjoyed the band. On Saturday we did the Blake's circus theme birthday....I won't write about it b/c other people have already. So, happy birthday to Matt, Camille, and Olivia!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh my gosh, you're gonna barf aren't you?

I think I'm having a creativity block. I used to write funny posts every now and then or have something somewhat important to talk about. Now I stare at this Create a New Post and think "I need to update, but what about. Still staying home with Hayden and Carson. Hayden still loves cars and trucks. Carson is still a baby who's now crawling! I could beat you down with boring stuff that only Matt and I really care about, but do you want that? I don't think so. (I'll save that stuff for another post:-) So, here's what we'll talk about on this edition of "I'm so boring." Add comments to this post and tell me what you are most terrified of. Of course all of us are terrified of losing a family member or child etc. Tell me if cochroaches scare the pants off of you. I'll tell you mine....vomit. Anyone who knows me fairly well will tell you that I should honestly be hypnotized about this problem. Going into the restroom at Target scares me because I'm afraid I'm gonna be using the bathroom and someone is going to come in the stall next to me and vomit and I'm not gonna be able to get out! Since I was a little girl, I have thrown up outside. Something about being confined to a small space with your head down in the's just not right! The great outdoors brings fresh air and a breeze and there is no clean up! Here's why all of this is fresh on my mind. The hubby barfed a few days ago at 3 in the morning. And where you might the yard. Can you imagine driving by my house and seeing a grown man, in his underwear, throwing up on the side of the house? Ok, enough details about my weird phobia. What are you afraid of?