Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mimi & PawPaw Visit

Hayden's Mimi and PawPaw (my mom and dad) were here this past week. We mainly relaxed and let them love on Hayden. Mom took us shopping for some fall clothes, dad and Matt played golf Monday night, and we went to the zoo. Everything else was eating out and hanging out at thepool. Here's a few pictures from their visit. We even got a family picture b/c someone was here to take one. It was sad to see them go (mainly b/c it was great to have extra hands for baths,diaper changes, feeding, play time, temper tantrums etc.) but my mom is coming back for Hayden's first b-day banana split party next month. So, until then, here's some new pics.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost Walking!!

Well, Hayden is 10 and a half months old and is sooooo close to walking. He's taking some tiny steps here and there. I honestly think he could take off and walk, he just doesn't know that yet! I just planned his first birthday this past weekend. We're doing a banana split party. I ordered lots of really cute decorations, banana split bowls, great invitations etc... My parents will be here on the 23rd of this month, but my mom is getting to come back for his birthday. I'm really excited, and the extra hand will be nice. When I'm scooping ice cream for 30 people I'll be really glad! We've also started the "weaning" process. Hayden's doing surprisingly well. I'm determined to be finished with all that by his first birthday...which I can't believe I'm already talking about. My, my how time flies. So many people told us to enjoy every second because it goes by so fast. They were right!! We were looking at some videos the other night when he was a newborn and a few months old and he was so tiny with a little quiet "waa-waa." Now this child is an animal! Our house doesn't even look like a cute little home with everything in the perfect place. The fire place has a safety latch, there's gates everywhere, and now our dining room table has been moved in front of my china hutch. He couldn't quite understand that the pretty glass doors weren't drums! I wouldn't trade this for the world though!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy 4th !!

Here's a few of our 4th of July pictures. We went to a friends house on Saturday and let the babies swim in Will's wading pool. Hayden was cracking everyone up because he is such a fish. The other babies wanted out or cried when water splashed in their face, but Hayden was dunking his head under the water. Once all the babies got out and Hayden was the only one in the pool, he took advantage of the wide open space. And, even though there was sunscreen and grass in the water, he decided to lap up the water like a dog! We just laughed. What do ya do? Then on Tuesday, we went to the big Fourth of July party that some friends throw every year with about 40 people. They have a gorgeous home with a great pool and deck. Only two of my pictures there turned out because of the humidity. I got home and looked at them and about 6 were just blurs...kind of like when your mirror fogs up in the bathroom when you're in the shower. Oh's what I got. (oh, and there's not even a picture of Hayden in his 4th outfit. Not sure why I didn't take one. I'll put him in it later and "pretend" it's the fourth)