Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Fam

We got family portraits made today. I wanted to get pictures of the three of us, as it's been for almost 2 years, and before I really started getting a big tummy! You can't tell in these pictures, but Hayden was HORRIBLE. There was a Lego table there and that's all he wanted to do!! I thought I'd share my favorites with everyone........

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Manu Ginobili??

I thought I'd post something a little different today. About 4 years ago, we got a phone call one night from someone that said Matt looked just like the NBA basketball player, Manu Ginobili. We agreed and went on. Well, this season, because the Spurs were obviously on TV a lot, you would not believe how many people have mentioned to us "has anyone ever told you you look like Manu Ginobili." It's kind of getting funny now b/c I hear this about once a week. I'm gonna post a few pictures and see what you all think. I was going to send their pictures into Regis and Kelly's look alike contest this year but missed the deadline! I think they'd win, what about you?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Water Park

On Tuesday, Hayden and I got to spend some time with a few of my college girlfriends and their precious kids. We took all five of them to NRH2O Water Park. We ended up staying 6 hours!! It is such a kid friendly place and they all just played right past their naps without a fuss from any of them. Of course I didn't put sunscreen on my back and I am a tomato!! You know when you're really pregnant and it takes an act of God to roll over in bed? That's what it's like for me right now b/c of this sunburn. I just love it when you go somewhere and they say "oh honey, your back is so sunburned." I feel like saying "Really, my back is? That's weird. I didn't know!" I told my "no sunscreen" story a thousand times at church last night and repeated it again this morning when I took Hayden back to church this morning for Mother's Day Out. I'm just ready for some relief! Hayden has his Daddy's skin tone and just got tan! For those of you who live in the Metroplex, I highly recommend a day at Nrh2o!! Here's just a few pictures of the kids. (Jack's the only one missing....he must've been sliding head first down a slide. He was the oldest)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just a little "what not " for ya....

Hayden's always really been into his Dada...way more than me. He tolerates me because he has to be with me everyday, but he's a man's man! His favorite thing (and Matt's too) is to go jogging with Matt every evening in his jogging stroller. Lately, he's wanted to take a shower with Dada when they get back. It's so cute. The other day he was hollering at me and when I went into the bathroom, this is what I saw. How cute is that?

We've also been spending a lot of time outside. I think Hayden is going to take after Matt and be a swimmer in high school and a lifeguard. We probably spend three hours each day in his least!! Here's a few "summertime" pictures too.

And here's another update on our house. They are flying!! Here's the pictures from this weekend. It's amazing what they can do in one week!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Come on over to the dark side!

Happy 30th Birthday to my sweet hubby! Man we're old. (b-day is actually June 7th, but I posted this too early and it says June 6th...sorry!)

Is that a house I see??

We're beginning to see some progress! As of Sunday, this is what they had done. It's insane how quickly they move because they called last Thursday and said they just decided to bring in a truck to suck out all the standing water so they could pour the foundation...while the sun was out. Friday they called and said they had ordered the lumber and they'd start framing early this week. Wrong! They got the lumber in early and had this much framed by Sunday afternoon. I'm sure by now it's completely framed with a roof and everything. I can't wait to go check it out this weekend. I'm still crossing my fingers for an early August move in date. Looks like it could happen my friends!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Belly Shot!

Definitely showing now!! Still lookin' a little like a beer gut, but there is a sweet little boy in there. Soon enough I'll look like I'm hiding a basketball! Here's me at 17 weeks. (Well, just a few days shy of 17, but who's counting?)