Sunday, August 28, 2005

T-minus zero

T-minus zero

It all started on August 27, 2005. The day before, I went to the doctor to try and pressure them to "get this baby out of me." Mimi and Pawpaw and Grams and Papa were coming Thursday the 1st of September and I really wanted Hayden to be here by then. Matt and I arrived at Wake Med at 8:00a.m. and were taken to the "Triage" room. (Keep in mind this is the wing of the Women's Pavilion they told us in our birthing class is never used! They said they are never full and rarely have to send people in there to wait for a room.) Well, we sat in a room with a TV with no volume, which drove Matt crazy. At 12:30p.m we were finally in our birthing room. By 1:00p.m. I was finally hooked up to my I.V., and they started my pitocin drip to get my labor started. By 1:15p.m. I was having contractions about every two minutes. 15 minutes into labor and I was already asking for my epidural. Typical Andrea right? I had contractions for about an hour and a half and then the most wonderful angel appeared...the anistesiologist! After pumping me with so much drugs that they had to give me a shot of ephedrin to bring my blood pressure back up (because I kept telling them I could feel things), I was good to go. From about 3:00p.m until 11:30p.m, we pretty much hung out and answered cell phones. We learned that day just how many people love us. I had finally dilated to a 10 and we started pushing around 11:45. Hayden Thomas Noe was finally born at 1:07a.m, August 28,2005. The grandparents were on the cell phones to hear his first cry. Our precious boy, that we had been praying about for 2 years, was finally here. After 3 short hours of sleep, it was time to start preparing for all our visitors on Sunday morning after church.


oranges said...

ok Andrea...this will be my only time to DO have too much time on your hands!!! Just wait until he is into EVERYTHING like my sweetie pie! I almost cried at everyone of them I read! This is really neat.... but keep sending me the link to this or the slideshows and I will check them out! Won't do a comment everytime....but thought I would be your first one! :) Love you guys look so happy and I know what you mean about life before him.... This is what its all about huh? :) They are such a gift from God! It gets better and better and you love them more and more! Can you imagine that? :) Well get ready! :) lOve you guys