Sunday, February 26, 2006

We have a tooth!

So, after a couple of months of slobbering non stop, chewing on everything in sight, and a little fussing, we have a tooth. Hayden woke up Wednesday morning with a cute little tooth on the bottom row. During church this morning I could feel something popping up beside it too...number two is close behind! Our little guy is growing up so fast. Everyone told me it would just fly by, and man it is. We took a picture of the tooth while he was sleeping because when we try to show people or see for ourselves, he puts his tongue over it. I also included some fun, recent pictures on this entry. Hayden will be 6 months old on Tuesday:) We're going to be having his first birthday party before we know it!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where I've far

I got this link from a Grapevine Church friend, Hollee. I've seen this on a lot of people's blog's recently and thought I'd map my adventures thus far... As you can see, I've pretty much stayed in the south! Matt and I have always said we would love to go to all 50 states together, then our treat to each other would be Europe! I think we've got some states to visit:) It's kind of fun seeing where other people have been through the years. If you'd like to create your own map, go to

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dad learned how to use Photoshop

Friday, February 10, 2006

The First Cold

We almost made it 6 months without any sicknesses, but Hayden came down with a cold Tuesday. I'm pretty sure it's that darn Sunday school class he goes to. Ha,Ha! They did tell me instead of singing about "Pat the Bible" Hayden should sing "Eat the Bible." He's got a yucky, snotty nose, he's sneezing, and has a little cough...that sounds more like an attention getter than a sick cough! We've had a few sleepless nights this week because Hayden can't breathe out of his nose, but we are making it:) My nights are probably a little more sleepless than Matt's and Hayden's because just this week Hayden figured out he enjoys rolling over all the time. We always put him to bed on his back and immediately he has been flipping over onto his tummy. So, with a stuffy nose and a tummy sleeper, I've been getting up 50 times a night to make sure all is well. Matt took these two pictures of Hayden yesterday while he was playing. His little eyes look puffy and he's got a red nose, but he still looked like he was having a great time playing. Sweet boy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My List of Fours

Ok, so I was tagged by Jeny Roberts. I am such a sucker and always do these questionaire thingy's. Here goes...
4 Jobs I've had:
1. 3rd grade teacher
2. After School Program director
3. Preschool teacher
4. Kindergarten teacher

4 Places I've lived:
1. Brownwood Texas
2. Abilene Texas
3. Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas
4. Holly Springs North Carolina

4 of My Favorite Movies:
1. Pretty Woman
2. StepMom
3. Shawshank Redemption
4. We Were Soldiers

4 Books I've Read Over and Over:
I can't even name one!!

4 Shows I watch:
1. 24
2. Lost
3. The Office
4. Days Of Our Lives

4 Places I've Been on Vacation:
1. Las Vegas
2. Cancun/Cozamel
3. Malibu California
4. Colorado...lots of places

4 Websites I visit Daily:
1. Yahoo...for email
2. Baby Center
3. Blogger
4. Kodak gallery

4 Things I'm going to do today:
1. Shower and get dressed eventually!
2. Take Care of a sick baby
3. Laundry
4. Watch TV

4 Things I should be doing today:
1. Working Out
2. Cleaning my room
3. Taking a nap b/c we had a long night
4. Doing Hayden's laundry

4 People I am tagging:
The only people that I know of that has a blog
and might do this is Heather Bedichek and Hollee Ford.
So, I guess I'll tag them...if they even check my blog??

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm Hunting a Wabbit!!

Hayden has moved up in the bathtub world. He was freaking out a little bit in his little baby bathtub because he was laying down. So, we got his seat and we still aren't sure if he likes it. He's in a transition period where he thinks he's big, but can't sit up by himself etc... Maybe a few more baths and he will figure out he can play with his toys in this position. We started going on walks in the jogging stroller this week because it's been pretty. We bundled Hayden up and we thought he looked like Elmer Fudd in his hat! It's so fun to "trick up" your kids:)