Monday, September 25, 2006

Favorite Things

Two of Hayden's favorite things are "building" things with his daddy and being naked. This past weekend, Matt taught a class at our youth rally and he built a cross so the kid's could "nail" a sin they wrote on a piece of paper to the cross. Well, Hayden "helped" him build the cross! I would be holding two of the pieces together for Matt to nail them in and Hayden would come sit on the boards and they'd fall. Then he'd hit us over the head with the empty apple juice bottle he was playing with. Then he almost snapped his fingers in the tape measurer. So, we decided that it was time for a little nap:) He loves the tools and I really think he believes he's helping. I told Matt when Hayden gets older, they'll have to go up to Home Depot on Saturdays and build stuff together. As far as these naked pictures go, Hayden loves to have naked time every night. When he gets out of the bathtub, just before he goes to bed he gets to play naked. Matt and I just sit and laugh at him. I just want to bite that cute little hiney! (ok, sometimes we do bite it!) Yesterday he got to play naked downstairs. Sometimes the "toy" he decides to play with while naked isn't really a toy! (ya know what I mean??) So, here's some pictures of Hayden's favorite things.


Summer said...

I love the naked pics. He's such a cutie! What a funny little guy. Sounds like he's got quite a personality. . . like his mom and dad!