Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

I know I just posted something new, but I forgot about my pictures from the pumpkin patch. Matt's company has a Fall party every year and we have it at a really neat farm. We eat BBQ (so they call it here, ha ha) and go on a hay ride, there's a petting zoo, and we get to pick our own pumpkins. So, here's the pictures from that.

Home Sweet Home

We are back from our trip to Oklahoma and Texas and it feels soooooo good to be in our own beds! We had a great trip but it always makes it so hard to come back to NC after being with friends and family. We spent about 4 days with Matt's parents in Oklahoma and even spent some good times with our friends who live there. Sunday night we ate dinner at Neil and Jeny's after church and our ACU friends the Bedichek's and their little baby Avery came too. Then Monday night Josh and Sarah hosted us and Neil and Jeny at their house. We had 5 boys running around that house....and they were 3 years old and under! It was pretty neat to see Matt and his high school buddies hang out and watch their children play together. (they were all in the youth group together too) Josh bought a big blazer on ebay, and of course the three guys had to go "mudding" in a field behind their house. We are all getting so old b/c they were only out there for about 5 minutes. I guess they just don't have much adventure left in them. Ha,Ha! We spent some good, quality time with his folks too. Valorie even let me rearrange her house. I'm talking big time rearranging! We moved the formal sitting room into the office, made the living room set up different, moved a desk into the office and set up the computer...and I even redecorated a little for her. Isn't she so lucky to have a daughter in law like me? After Oklahoma, we spent one day and one night with my brother and sister in law and neice and two nephews. It was fast, but good to see them. Then Friday and Saturday we stayed with Jennifer and Zac in their new house in Keller. We went to a soccer game, had a birthday party with my college girlfriends and their babies, cooked out at Jenn's house with my friend Nikki, then left early Sunday morning. Good thing we left when we did b/c Hayden started running a fever Saturday...come to find out he has an ear infection in both ears....and Jennifer and her two boys started vomiting Saturday night. She said "yall got out of our house just in time!" It's good to be home, but sometimes you need a week of vacation after your vacation. And today we had lunch with friends from Texas that came through NC, Matt and Hayden have dinner with friends tonight while I go to a party, tomorrow is church, Thursday I have Bunko, and Saturday is our Young Married costume party. Our costumes are a secret, but if they turn out like we hope, I'll post pictures Sunday or morning. So, we're not getting much rest this week. Maybe next week will be our recuperating week. Well, that's all the news from the Noe's. Here's some pictures of our trip.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

We have hair!!

Here's a few pictures of Hayden...with hair! It's been 13 months of waiting, but he has really started sprouting hair the past couple of weeks. Last night for church we decided to spike it up like a mohawk. Matt said " I feel like this is wrong, tricking him up like this for church!" He was a big hit though. His Bible class teachers thought he was cute and he had a lot of compliments. It really fits his personality, so I think I'll keep it spiked up. The other pictures are of us playing with it during bath time. In other news, we are going to Oklahoma in a week to see Matt's parents. After that, we're staying with our friends Jenn and Zac and their boys for the weekend. We are really excited. Of course I've already been having nightmares of what could go wrong on the flight. He's flown (is that how you spell that?) about 5 or 6 times, but I could nurse him and he'd go to sleep. Now that he's a wild toddler, I don't know what's gonna happen. I can't decide between Baby Einstein or Benadryl. Ha!Ha! My dreams lately have also involved terrorists on our plane. The dream had alternate endings one night. One ending was that one blew up the plane and I was soaring through the air and realized Hayden wasn't in my arms. The other ending was that Matt and the other men tackled the terrorists and took them down so we could land. Sound familiar? That could be a 9/11 story if Matt had said "Let's Roll!" Maybe if I decide on Benadryl over Baby Einstein my dreams will start being of me watching Pretty Woman on the DVD player, sipping a Diet Coke with Hayden sound asleep. That sounds more pleasant!!