Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year! We stayed here in North Carolina and had Thanksgiving with about 8 other people...who were also family-less! We had quite a feast though and had a great time just hangin out with friends. Tonight our Thanksgiving is being extended b/c we are going to some friends house and eating pie. Yum, yum. I think there will be about 12 of us. When we got home last night, we decided to go ahead and pull the Christmas decorations out. Since we go to Texas and Oklahoma for over a week, I've got to get those decorations out as early as I can so we can enjoy them. Hayden had a ball playing in the Christmas tree box! He's actually doing really well with the decorations too. Every once in a while, I take him over to the tree and let him carefully touch one of the ornaments. For now that's making him happy. Here's a few pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner (they look like the same picture, but I'm in one, but not the other!) and of Hayden in the box. Now that we've given thanks, I can say "Merry Christmas" to everyone. I love this time of year!!