Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Posting, just because

I'm telling ya, my life is pretty boring right now. I'm just posting b/c I hate it when I check someone's blog everyday and they won't update! I guess I need to enjoy my boring life b/c before long it will be chaotic! I had my doctor's appt last week and he took me off the medicine that was making me sick. Woo-Hoo. I feel awesome now. We also get to find out what we're having on May 31st. This pregnancy is going by so fast. I already look like I'm about 20 weeks pregnant. ha,ha!! Matt finished his MS 150 bike ride this weekend and he did great. I just respect he and the other 3,000 riders so much for riding 150 miles in two days for such a wonderful cause. I'll post a picture of our house too. Well, you'll see it's not really a house yet! Still waiting for a dumb city permit. I'm going crazy here. Instead, I'll post a picture of our real nice lot! And, I'll throw in just a mix match of pictures....mainly b/c my posts lately haven't had a topic or point. I'll work on something exciting for my next post. Maybe I'll make up a story....stay tuned!

(Ok, I need to figure out how to post a picture with a caption underneath, like I see a lot of people do. Until I figure that out, I'll explain the pics. Matt at the MS 150, The cute Noe couple...b/c I never post pictures of us, Hayden trying on Matt's cycling helmet, Hayden "mowing" with Matt, Hayden trying so hard to do a somersault...he's been working on this!, Hayden holding ice on one of his many bumps, and our "house."


Alexis said...

I'm the same way...I get frustrated when people haven't updated, yet I'm bad about it myself!! I'm glad you updated us and I'm glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea! Glad to see pictures. I didn't know ya'll were building. That's very exciting. Will you be in before the new baby arrives? Chad looked into riding with Matt but didn't have time to train for 150 miles before the event. Maybe next year. He just got a new road bike and has loved riding in a couple of local races. How's Hayden's arm? Hope all is well. I am 20 weeks now and feeling every bit of it. Funny how with the second pregnancy I am not ready to get any bigger. With Ava, I celebrated as my stomach grew and grew. This time, I am in denial!
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