Friday, August 17, 2007

100 Things about me.....

1. I'm 30 and drive a minivan
2. I'm terrified of vomit
3. My toenails are always painted
4. I love unsweet tea
5. I can't do any type of measurements
6. I love cereal (the little kid kinds)
7. I don't like to drink alcohol
8. I don't have a sweet tooth
9. I love to snow ski
10. I'm a good slalom water skier
11. I lived in the same town, same house my whole life...and my parents and grandparents have always lived there too!
12. I have a degree in education but teaching in public schools scares me to death
13. I'm like rain man with numbers, license plates, addresses, birthdays etc
14. Strange patterns give me the creeps
15. I love entertaining in my home
16. I'm a very lazy person but grew up very athletic and active
17. I hate standing up....I'll find a seat anywhere (see #16)
18. I'm a horrible baker
19. My son likes his Dada waaaaay more than me
20. I hate to be late but am rarely on time
21. I've broken my ankle, big toe, and two fingers
22. I don't like summer
23. I love the winter
24. I'm in love with Justin Timberlake
25. I'm addicted to junk magazines like US Weekly and OK magazine
26. I can't stand road trips
27. I'm blind as a bat but rarely wear my glasses b/c I don't like myself in them
28. I'm a "to-do" list maker
29. I slept with a teddy bear named Honey Joe for 28 years
30. I love naps
31. My mom's maiden name is Jones and she married a Jones....both sides of my family is Jones and I'm literally the only person with a different last name:-(
32. One of my thumbs looks like a toe
33. My favorite color is black
34. I love going to church
35. I'm not a private person...obviously
36. I can drive a standard
37. I don't like milk
38. My favorite food is Mexican
39. I went to Abilene Christian University
40. I went to public school K-12
41. I was baptized when I was 12
42. I like planning parties
43. I love decorating my house
44. I take WAY too many pictures of my child
45. I'm going to give birth in 13 weeks
46. I don't like gardening
47. I'm addicted to email
48. I like to talk on the phone
49. I'm not a big fan of the beach...don't like being sandy
50. I've bungee jumped
51. I can't stand onions but I like onion rings
52. I've been the same height since the 6th grade
53. My foot grew 1/2 a size with my first pregnancy
54. My middle name is Jill but I've had a lot of people through the years tell me it doesn't go with Andrea.
55. My husband's nickname is Buster....some people may not even know his real name is Matt
56. I have two brothers
57. I have two nieces and three nephews
58. I don't care that much about music
59. I gain weight very easily
60. My eyes are blue with brown spots
61. I was arrested once when I was in high school
62. I make friends easily
63. It scares me to cook chicken....I only do it a few times a year
64. I'm addicted to plucking my eyebrows and they are hideous!!
65. I've never mowed a yard
66. I take Super short showers
67. I like to Swiffer sweep my floors
68. I went to the NSYNC concert when I was 25 and to Justin Timberlake when I was 30....with the same person!
69. I love to blog stalk
70. I sleep with the fan on high even in the winter
71. I'm a HUGE bargain shopper....borderline cheapskate
72. I can tap dance
73. I love to wear sports bras
74. I love Roseanne re runs
75. I'm not a very big movie fan
76. I watch Days of Our Lives every day
77. I love buying plates
78. My second son, due in November, will be named Carson
79. I don't like Krispy Kreme Donuts
80. My favorite "meal" is chips and dip
81. I can't stand cats
82. I draw like a three year old
83. I'm not a big fan of medicine....I barely take Tylenol when I have a headache
84. We recycle!
85. We don't balance our checkbook
86. I still don't have my wisdom teeth (could explain some of my stupidity)
87. I'm a horrible singer
88. I'm a really good basketball player and most people would never guess that
89. I get sea sick
90. We flew with Hayden 6 times in his first year of life!
91. We lived in North Carolina for almost three years
92. I sleep with three under my head, one between my knees, and one to hug
93. I love salad
94. Sometimes I think I'm psychic
95. I don't shave my legs every day but I do shave my underarms every day
96. I like granny panties
97. I love pajamas but usually sleep in a t-shirt
98. My hair was curly until I had a baby
99. I like doing things for other people but struggle with letting people do things for me
100. I will never do this again!


Anonymous said... long did it take you to come up with that? I'm wondering if I could come up with 100 things about me. Very interesting...I might have to give it a try. How's the house coming?

Audrey said...
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The Ralph's said...

Very Impressive..I learned several new things about you and some of them I was like, "hey me too". So why did you get arrested?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that I was a part of #68! Thank you Buster! jen

Shara Smith said...

Just another 100 reasons why you crack me up! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea I love looking at other people's blogs as well, even though I don't even have one. My hair was really curly too until I was pregnant with Mason...what is it with our boys?