Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Belly, My Bear, and My Boy!

Here's the most recent picture of my big ole' belly! I've got 6 weeks left and I swear I think I'm gonna have him almost every day. I wish Carson was a little more ripe because I'd ask my doctor to induce! I'm just done, ya know?

And here's a picture of the cutest Koala Bear you'll ever see. I got Hayden's Halloween costume in the mail yesterday and he wore it around the house until he finally came and told me he was hot. Good thing he likes it because I'm pretty sure he's gonna be hot in it!!

And I think this last picture of Matt and Hayden is really cute. They go for a jog most evenings when Matt gets off work. Matt and a group from our church are running in the White Rock Half Marathon in December and he's been running quite a bit further than normal in recent weeks. Good for you babe. I'll just be here at the house, eating cookies and watching Extra or Entertainment Tonight. You go boy!!


Anonymous said...

that is the cutest costume ever!!! It is worth the small fortune you paid for it! jen

Shara Smith said...

Okay, a couple of comments here. First, I didn't realize that Matt still drank from a sippie cup (bottom picture)...great! Second, I'm sorry that you make your child wear fuzzy costumes around the house, haha...so cute! Third, I am going to go spider monkey on the people that won't stop outbidding me for Maddox's costume. Probably should not have waited until last minute...but there are only two in his size and those stinking people just won't give it up! Okay, enough already. Love you!

The Ralph's said...

Your belly is cute. This is the first real belly shot the rest of them that you have posted, I have looked at and said to myself "where's the belly"! And I know what you mean about being done, I am done too and I still have 7 weeks left!! I know a lady whose sister is due the week of Thanksgiving and her water broke last weekend. They put her on bedrest hoping that she could make it until this weekend. So it could be sooner rather than later, but I hope for a healthy baby rather than one sooner. =)

Anonymous said...

(As I'm reading old posts, since I hadn't seen the blog at the time...) My sister-in-law just ran that same marathon this past weekend. I hope Matt did well. I heard it was rather cold with some freezing rain!