Monday, December 10, 2007

Meltdown #1 down, how many more to go???

So I said I would continue blogging with child #2. I also said I would never bribe my child with candy, never let him eat chicken nuggets and french fries for almost every meal, and never ever spank him in Target! So I lie. I've been barely keeping my head above water the past few weeks! Actually a few weeks ago, I probably was really close to trying to keep my head below the water, if you know what I mean! Most of my friends who have two kids really close in age have told me I had my four week meltdown. It was exactly four weeks when I called Matt with all three of us crying! Good news is, I'm doing much better and kind of starting to figure this thing out. Until my next post....hopefully sooner than's a few pictures.


Melanie said...

Hang in there! Yeah...Christian asked me about the 4 week mark if I needed to see someone...just part of it I guess. Love the pictures...SO cute!

Shara Smith said...

I just love you! You can always make me laugh. Had fun with you tonight!

Laura said...

At least you have a Target!