Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July

My sweet little boys
Hayden and Grant
Jordan, Chance, Trenton
Wish I had a better pic of the boys....they matched!
Hayden and MiMi
Carson was tired of the fireworks
Kurt, Carrie, Mady, and Grant
Mimi and PawPaw
David and Larissa
The cutest couple in the family
Hayden taking care of his brother
I guess I should post my 4th of July pictures before it's the 4th of August huh? My whole family came to stay with us this year. My parents came, my brother Kurt and his wife Carrie Beth and their kids Mady and Grant and my brother David and his family drove down from Corinth. Kurt lives in Burnet and his little boy is just two months younger than Hayden. They have so much fun together. As soon as everyone got here, we sent the men to the grocery store and the girls took the kids to our pool. 4th of July morning, mom cooked a huge breakfast for everyone and then we all went to NRH2O water park. Mom and dad stayed home with Carson. It was nice to just have Hayden to watch after. We cooked out that evening and then went to Trophy Club to see fireworks. It wasn't crowded at all and it was a really good fireworks show. I love being with my family because we have so much fun hanging out together and just talking. It's definitely a zoo with 8 adults and 7 kids but it's a blast!! Here's some pictures from the weekend.


Shara Smith said...

Missed you guys on the 4th, but I guess you had an okay time with your family! Ha. Love you!