Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On A Mission!!

We're on a mission in our house! We are potty training Hayden finally. We are on week two and he has only had about two accidents so far! (that's tee-tee, not poo!) Here's the new mission.....trying to convince him that boys stand up when they tee-tee!!! I don't know if he's more relaxed sitting down or what, but we're kind of wondering what we're going to do about that when he needs to go at school or out in public! He's watched Matt go, we had him watch my nephew (he even showed him it's ok to go in the backyard!), and we've explained what girls do and what boys do. He just can't make tee-tee come out when he stands up. Maybe it's stage fright? So, if anyone has any pointers for the standing up thing AND what you did when you ventured out of the house in the beginning, it would be much appreciated. Hooray forno more Size 3 AND Size 5 diapers in my house!!!!


Eric Clay said...

When I worked with the 2 yrs old in the nursery in Abilene, the veteran grandmother/babysitter/2yrold-nursery-matron always told the boys they could make bubbles in the potty when they stood up. Seemed to work, although that can quickly turn into fun peeing on the wall (though she told them the same thing to encourage them to look where they were peeing and hit the water).

Amy said...

You can try cheerios to aim at. My little boy went sitting for a while before he mastered it. I am sure he will start standing when he is more confident.

the campbell family said...

riley was easy to train because of the whole being able to go outside thing, but i've heard too that cheerios or fruit loops really work. (hopefully at this point you're remembering who we are :) even though i'm not much help with that i do have a great story about having to stop on the side of I-30, 25 minutes from home and hold him up off the ground while he pooped. just lovely.
but BIG congrats to hayden, way to go!