Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Baby Carson Jones Noe

I wanted to do a post just about my Carson!! I've been blogging since 2005 when Hayden was born, so he has a lot more tributes to him than Carson does! Of course he makes it in all my recent posts, but his brother is always with him. So, this is for Carson. Carson is definitely completely different than Hayden. I just knew when I had my second child that I would do things just like I did the first time and all would just "flow." Not so much! Hayden slept through the night for the first time when he was 6 weeks old and pretty much has every night since. Carson woke up numerous times through the night for at least 4 months! I could lay Hayden in his crib at 10:00 am for a nap and then again at 2:00 for his second nap. I could definitely get two, two hour naps out of him each day!! Carson slept IN MY ARMS for probably 6 months. He would sleep about once a day and for maybe an hour and a half. You would also think that getting him to sleep with a two year old in the house wouldn't be that hard because he's heard the "noise" since we brought him home from the hospital. Wrong! Carson now goes to sleep about 8:30pm and sleeps all night long. Getting him to sleep, though, requires complete silence in the room he's falling asleep in. (ask the families who stayed in our condo at Galveston!) He also takes two naps a day but he has to be back in my bedroom, in his pack n play, with a loud fan on! How I figured that out, I'm not sure. I could do things one time with Hayden and he did it. It's taken us almost 9 months to figure this other little guy out. Maybe it's just the second child who has a wild and crazy big brother. I know that with Hayden, we woke up every morning and I showered and got dressed and put a cute outfit on him. These days, Dada comes home and I'm in a grungy tshirt, shorts, hair pulled back in a clip and the only "clean" thing I've done all day is put deodorant on, brushed my teeth, and washed my cereal bowl out. Hayden still has pj's on most days when Matt gets home and poor little second child just crawls around in a diaper all day. But, he is such a doll. He's lovable (completely happy sitting in someone's lap all day), has the cutest smile in the world, and is so curious! He also loves his big brother to death! With all his little quirks, I still think he's so yummy!!


Bunch of Oranges said...

That made me laugh! Funny! Love those 2nd babies... they are a personality of their own.... Hugs!