Monday, April 20, 2009

What a man!

150 miles....done!
Finishing day two at Sundance Square
Matt and his mom Valorie
Our family at the end of day one
Half way there!

I have a husband who is more amazing than most people will ever know! I've always said that if he met you one time and your car broke down an hour away and you called, he'd go get you!

We met in 1996 at ACU because we moved in next to each other at UP (For you ACU folks). The rest is history! I remember meeting his parents for the first time and Matt later telling me that his mom had MS. I honestly had no idea what that was. I could tell that he worried about her but that's still all I really knew.

Once we married and moved to the metroplex, we were eating at Subway one day and we saw a flyer for something called the MS150. It was a 150 mile, two day bike ride that raised money for the MS Society. He said "I can do that!" So he bought a used bike, joined a team called the Feisty Devils and began raising money. His first year he raised enough money to be in the "100 Club" which means he was in the top 100 fundraisers that year! The night before the ride, all the teams have a pasta party aka carb load dinner. The team captains, Doug and Alyce (she's the founder of the team. She was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago) asked Matt if he'd like to give a speech about why he rides. Well, he got up there and gave the most heart felt, tear jerking speech about his mom. People came up to him the day of the race introducing themselves and telling him they heard about his speech. It was almost like I was married to a celebrity:-)

Well, he's since then participated in 4 MS 150's, given even more speeches about his mom, and raised about $6,000. People know his name at that event b/c of his passion for finding a cure for MS....and there are 3,000 riders!

The speech is going to change quite a bit this year b/c one week after last year's MS150, I was diagnosed with MS! He has told me that in years past, he's given a tear jerker speech but this year he's pissed! I love that!!

The MS150 is May 2-3 and it's not too late to donate since donations are not due until June 3rd. If you would like donate any amount, please click here. His goal for fundraising this year is $5,000. He's so ready to ride for his mom AND wife. I'm so proud of him and the support he gives me. You have no idea what he does for me! This isn't the path I would've chosen for myself at the age of 32, but I couldn't think of a better man to go down it with me!! Be thinking of my man next weekend!


Melanie said...

How do we go about donating??

the campbell family said...

WOW! I loved reading that, it was so moving. I think you're both really lucky to have each other, and you have an amazing spirit. We missed you at small groups, but that Carson is SO funny and way too adorable! And post a response to Melanie's question, others want to know too.

Noe Family said...

Good question. I just realized I forgot to add a link.

You can donate online at Matt's MS150 page on the MS Society site or give us a check when we see each other next.



Laurie said...

We love you, Matt, and sweet Carson and Hayden! We are blessed to have you in our lives because you inspire us!!

Shara Smith said...

We love Buster too, he's pretty awesome! I love this post. What a blessing he is to you Andrea, and I love how you appreciate him for that! Love you all.

Bunch of Oranges said...

Matt is the man! Both of you are lucky to have one another. God works in WONDERFUL ways doesn't he? You go Matt! We can't wait to celebrate and donate!

jordanb said...

Man, I had chills and a lump in my throat reading that! You both are inspiring!

Muse Moments said...

Thank you for your inspiration! I was just thinking about you this morning and that next week was Matt's ride in honor of you! I bet this year will be much different for ALL of you. I'd love to read his speech as a post. Missed you this weekend and I will be thinking of you next Sat. Where does it start/finish and where does the course go through?

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