Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer '09

Playing with cousins!
The cousins, minus 3 of them!
My brothers and the spouses!
Doesn't he clean up nice!
My big 4 year old!!
Typical day in the life of Carson!
The best family picture we got at the beach!
The sexy dads!
The sexy Mommas!
Good thing he has his floaties on in that deep water!
A quiet dinner at the Gaylord!
Lookin' good for 10 years:-)
My favorite picture of the summer!
Not sure what this is?
Just playing in the sprinkler!
Oh me oh my, where do I begin? It's been forever since I've been motivated to update this blog! I noticed on my front page of the blog that I've posted something 192 times! I've been blogging since Hayden was born in 2005 and I feel like I've been having a bit of a brain fart! With an almost 4 year old and one nearing 2, you'd think I'd have tons to blog about! So where do I begin? I'll start in April/May with Matt being involved in his 5th MS 150. He wanted to raise a lot of money this year and set his goals high! $5,000 was his goal. With the help of Facebook and a casino party fundraiser, he raised around $5500! We didn't even send out fundraising letters this year! Matt wanted to think of a unique fundraiser this year and with the help of my dear friend Kimberly, we hired a casino company, dressed in our fanciest get ups and raised a lot of money! After the MS 150, we started looking forward to our annual Galveston trip with friends. This year was a blast! Yes, even with 10 adults and 9 kids under 5, we survived! In June, Matt and I celebrated 10 years of marriage at the Gaylord while the kids were at Mimi and Pawpaw camp with the cousins. Then the rest of the summer has been spent trying to stay cool, going to the pool and all that jazz. I start teacher inservice on Wednesday and Thursday, have meet the teacher on Thursday night and school starts on the 1st. Carson is in a class this year instead of the teacher's infant room and he's so excited about having a back pack, lunch box, and nap mat! Hayden will be in the big 4 year old class and he's excited that his bud Noah will be in his class. I'm teaching the oldest 13 kids in the school and I've been getting stuff together for that. Hayden also turns 4 on Friday so we are having the big Chuck E Cheese party that they all have to have! So, there's the past 4 months in a small nut shell. On to a ton of pictures.......