Sunday, March 12, 2006

Go Duke!

I guess you could say with Matt being such a big Duke fan, he's in heaven here in the ACC conference! A guy at our church had four tickets to the ACC Conference championship today and Matt was able to go and see Duke win! Hayden sported his Duke jersey for Daddy and I took a few pictures of them when he got home. I'm also adding a few more pictures of Hayden so you can see how big he's getting. We had to get rid of his "baby" toys and get him some big boy toys. He was so bored with the other ones and he is really having fun figuring out the new toys and all they can do. You can also see his cute teeth in a few of the pictures. He has two now and is working on more. He's been a little demon while he's been cutting them, but maybe he's gonna knock them all out at once...wishful thinking I guess:) He's been getting around like a little inch worm, crawling up on his toes and laying flat, up on his toes, flat etc... and he ends up going wherever he wants. He is so busy all the time and I am not looking forward to flying to Texas in April with him by myself. He used to sleep on the flights, but now I'm pretty sure his goal will be to drive the person next to me nuts! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll write again soon.


Eric Clay said...

Well, I'm looking forward to you flying to Texas in April... although you have been spoiled up to now with him sleeping the whole time - considered benedryl?? Those teeth came in fast! One week he has none and a few weeks later 2 are halfway out!