Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Journey into the sky

Hayden and I are flying to Texas on Sunday! Matt has a conference in St.Louis so we are going to stay with my parents. Matt will be flying into Dallas on Wednesday to meet up with us and then we are going to spend the weekend hanging out with the other grandparents. I'm sure both sets of grandparents are chomping at the bit to get their hands on Hayden. Seeing pictures of him daily is probably a bit of a tease! I always get really nervous when I'm about to fly with him just because of "fear of the unknown." Now that he's so active and very particular about where and when he takes a nap, I'm really sweating it. I'll have Matt with me on the way home, but going out it's just us. Hopefully the plane won't be full and I can have more than one seat. Trust me, when people see a baby, they start looking for the empty seat. They act like they are being nice..."Here, you take all three seats and spread out...I'll look for an open seat." Yea right, they're not fooling me! I was thinking one way to scare the person next to me off is to just start nursing Hayden right when I sit down. That should do the trick:) Well, wish us luck on our 3 hour journey into the sky. Here's some new pictures of Hayden too.


Julia said...

Andrea -
I'm so glad you found me! I'm new to this whole blog thing, but I have loved it when old friends stumble on my site & I get to reconnect with them. Hayden is precious! I'm sure he is keeping you very busy- and I sympathize with the plane ride thing. I took Emma on a plane at 9 months for a 3 hour flight to Connecticut - let's just say we haven't been on a plane since :). Hopefully your experience will be better than ours! I'm glad to know you guys are doing so well. You may have read on my blog that we're expecting baby girl #2 in July - life just keeps on changing & getting better! I'll look forward to checking in on you & keeping up with you guys. Take care!

Summer said...

Hey Andrea, Buster, and Baby Hayden!
I have been out of the blogging loop lately. We moved back to Abilene in January, into our new house in February, and I started a job at Highland as the Nursery Coordinator in March. . .so blogging has been low on my list of priorities. Things are finally settling down now and I just found your message! It was great to hear from you. Like Julia said, it has been reconnecting with friends. I loved looking at pictures of Hayden. He is adorable! He seems like such a happy baby. He's smiling in almost every picture. Hope your trip to Texas in April goes well. We'll be in Brownwood for Easter. Maybe I'll see you at church! It was great to hear from you. Let's keep in touch!

Jeny said...

Mark has that same red shirt/shorts thing! Hope you are doing well and that the plane ride went well! Is this the house hunting trip too? If so, good luck! Hayden looks so cute with is teeth! Mark finally has one tooth barely breaking through- 2 weeks after his b-day!