Monday, April 02, 2007

Way to Go...MOM!!

We had our first big accident last Tuesday. Hayden went crib diving and broke his arm! Of course I was the one putting him back in it over and over telling him "that's a No-No...we don't jump out of our get back in there and take your nap! etc. etc" Well, about the 4th time I put him back in, he jumped and screamed. I'm pretty sure that was the moment it happened. We spent about 4 hours in the ER that night and then met with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon Wednesday, who then scheduled it to be "fixed" on Thursday. They put Hayden under, put his bones back into place, then put a cast on it that he'll wear for about 4 weeks. It hasn't phased him one bit. He figures out how to pick everything up one handed, he goes 90 miles an hour still and if he needs some help doing something, he just lets us know. We'll see what his attitude is like around week 3 or 4, but as of right now, he's doing great. Here are some pictures of the little guy!.....oh, and one of them is of our first "trash bag on the arm bath!!" Good times.


Alexis said...

POOR BABY....and poor mommy! I know that was so scary! I'm glad he is feeling better! I'm sure this is only the first of many accidents! Boys!