Monday, October 06, 2008

A day at the park!

Carson 11 months
Hayden 8 months

We took the boys to the park on Saturday afternoon and they had so much fun! I'm embarrassed to say that it was Carson's first time to play at the park! It was too hot this summer for me to be in the heat so this was Carson's first park play time, without being confined to a stroller. We got some really cute pictures and then went to feed the ducks. I'm also posting a picture of Hayden as a baby b/c we got a picture of Carson that was similar to the one of Hayden from a park in NC. We didn't do it on purpose but when I got home I thought, "I feel like I've seen a picture like this before." It will show you how different they look! Not much is going on so I'm just gonna say this is a picture post. Enjoy!


the campbell family said...

you have got two seriously adorable kids!

The Blakes said...

Those pictures are so sweet, just like their mother:)