Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Could Go On and On.....

20 Things I LOVE about Hayden and Carson......

1.) I love Carson's giggle!
2.) I love Hayden's naked hiney when he goes pee-pee!
3.) I love Carson's chubby thighs!
4.) I love when Hayden "tries" to dance!
5.) I love Carson's smile!
6.) I love when Hayden sings church songs!
7.) I love walking into Carson's room in the morning and he's standing up in his crib waiting for me to get him!
8.) I love that Hayden calls Carson his little "brudder" and his little "stinker bug!"
9.) I love when Carson crawls to me and puts his head on my shoulder to cuddle!
10.) I love that Hayden has eaten a Nutri Grain bar every morning for 2 years and WILL NOT have it any other way!
11.) I love to watch Carson splash his bubba in the bathtub!
12.) I love that Hayden has a favorite bedtime story that you must read every night and that he has it memorized!
13.) I love that you can ask Carson where Hayden is and he'll crawl through the house looking for him!
14.) I love that Hayden is obsessed with his dad!
15.) I love that Carson is obsessed with his mom!
16.) I love that Hayden can entertain himself for hours!
17.) I love that Carson can't!
18.) I love that Hayden reminds us to pray every night so God will protect us while we sleep!
19.) I love that my two boys are so close in age and will be best friends!
20.) I love that God chose me to be Hayden and Carson's Momma!!!


Muse Moments said...

I LOVE reading what you love about your boys! I LOVE being a momma too! It's the little things!

Bunch of Oranges said...

Ditto! Happy Moments, Happy Times... many more to come! :) Love you Noe!