Saturday, September 20, 2008

My little David Beckham!!

Coach Michael pumping them up!
Hayden, I think the ball's the other way!
Go Bees, Go!!

This is the uniform for next week...
Hayden, we don't have goalies!
Good game!!
Noah, I saw you almost score! Yeah, Hayden...I'm good!
Aiden told Hayden "that was fun wasn't it?" So cute!!

Well, we haven't taken the "C" pictures yet but Hayden did have his first soccer game today! We weren't sure how he'd do because his two practices have been pointless! The first one, he dribbled the ball for about 5 minutes and then was done. Thursday, Matt took him to practice and I stayed home because Carson was asleep. I called Matt and asked if he was practicing. He said "if running up and down a hill chasing Mason is practicing, then yes...he's doing great!" When he got home he told us there were too many people watching. Then on Friday, I kept talking about his soccer game and I said "aren't you excited?" His response was "nah, I've already played." So, we woke up this morning and bribed him and talked about how exciting it was gonna be and that he'd get a uniform etc. and he did it! He didn't really come in contact with the ball, but he stayed on the field and ran with everyone and made it through the entire game without fussing, whining, running to us, or quitting! Now that's pretty good for a little three year old. So, was it a fluke? We'll see next Saturday. Here's the little cutie pie in his giant uniform. (we all got black shorts and matching socks that they'll all be sporting next week)


Melanie said...

You soccer mom, you! This entire post is just too adorable...the pictures, the comments...I love it!

Laurie said...

We need a game schedule! I think your little cuties soccer games look like great entertainment!

The Museum said...

What fun the game was! I laughed the entire game at our precious kids! Awesome pics! Soccer rocks!

Macy said...

I am a little slow. I just found your blog on Shara's. Mandy Barrow sent me an email months ago about your diagnosis. I have been praying for your energy and strength. Glad to see you already found us. You have two precious boys!

The Blakes said...

I can't wait for next Saturday. Great pictures. Hayden is so Handsome!