Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My "C" and My Soccer Player!!

Just sending out a "stay tuned" post for what's to come in the near future. My little Hayden is starting soccer tomorrow! They have their first muddy practice tomorrow and their first game next Saturday. He and his friends Mason, Aiden, Camille, and Noah from church are all playing in the 3-4 year old, boy/girl league at the YMCA. I don't know if Hayden will be in to it or will be the butterfly chaser but I'm sure I'm gonna get some super cute pictures of him to post on here:-) And as for my "C".....Well, it always seems like someone is pregnant or having a baby at our church. In the past year we have had lots of baby boys and their names all start with "C" (except for Brayden and Beau). So, being the creative moms that we are, we are taking all the "C" boys to the botanical gardens in Grapevine in a few weekends for pictures. We are all having shirts made that say their names on the front. Here are the "C boys"....Cohen, Carson, Caleb, Carter, Caden, Cason, Colton.
So stayed tuned my friends. I'm about to have some really cute pictures of my boys on here. (I'm sure you'll all be sitting on the edge of your computer desk chair waiting!)


The Museum said...

I'm totally cracking up reading this post! So glad to experience life with you and your family! :) Can't wait for soccer and the "C" picture.

jordanb said...

I can't wait for the pics either! and THANK YOU for validating the new spirit hand epidemic. It's sad and annoying. Mom said she saw you at the game...I want to go to a game but I'm going to have to sit where I can't see the cheerleaders:)