Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

David and Larissa's Ugly outfits!
Kurt and Carrie's ugly Christmas sweaters
Mom and Dad
I thought we were the ugliest!
Playing at the park

The "UPS" guy:-)
Carson "helping" dad build something
Hayden hammering the new guest bed
Christmas morning at home
For Santa
For the reindeer
Are the cookies ready yet?
Santa loves chocolate chip cookies
Hayden lookin' like an Okie
What a cute couple!

Carson on his Daddy's horse
Carson ate three cupcakes at his school party!!
Hayden's class pj party
Look what I made Mom!
Well, it's over! Christmas is almost like your wedding. You work, work, work and have all this anticipation and in the blink of an eye it's over! I guess the only difference is that you get to do Christmas all over again the next year:-) We've been celebrating since the 19th! We went to see Matt's family in Oklahoma first and had a great time. The boys got lots of fun presents and Hayden's favorite was definitely his cowboy boots! We came home the Monday before Christmas and did our "thing," just the four of us. It was so much fun this year b/c Hayden "got it." After a few days to relax and do laundry, we headed to my parents. My brother Kurt is kind of a quiet guy, if you don't really know him. If you do know him, he's hilarious. My mom was cooking one afternoon and the doorbell rang. When she answered it, it was the UPS guy who sounded very "slow," if you know what I mean! After having her sign for her package, he came in to the house and grabbed her and told her she was "lookin' good." Well, she freaked out!! Come to find out, Kurt had made a UPS shirt and hat, got a wig and glasses and was tricking her. It was soooo funny! We also had an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition. That was a blast. The votes came down to my dad and Kurt and Kurt won. He borrowed some white band pants from the school he coaches at and wore his wig. It was awesome! We are home now and I'm uploading pictures, updating my blog, checking email etc. So here are the pictures. Hope you all had a Holly Jolly Christmas too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the Season....not to be doing these!!!!

I had been saving my blog energy to do a marathon Christmas post but since I've been "tagged" by every human with a blog........,,

8 things I did today...
1. Woke up! (anyone take Willard Tate's class at ACU?)
2. Drank coffee with my husband!
3. Made pancakes for my kids!
4. Cleaned the house!
5. Unpacked and laundry for Christmas trip #2!
6. Talked on the phone to Jennifer, Mom, brother Kurt, and sister in law Larissa!
7. Bought a Wii for Jones Family entertainment this weekend!
8. Thought about getting dressed!

8 of my favorite restaurants...
1. Chipotle
2. Anamia's
3. PF Changs
4. Genghis Grill
5. Chili's
6. Pappadeaux's
7. Taco Bueno
8. Haven't gone to nice restaurants in so long I can't list any more!

8 shows I watch...
1. Lost
2. The Office
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Days of Our Lives
6. Caillou
7. Dora and Diego (those go together)
8. Barney (I know....it took him 3.5 years to discover it. I tried!!)

8 Things I wish for...
1. A cure for MS!
2. For my boys to grow up good Christian men!
3. For my family to be happy and healthy!
4. For Hayden to sleep past 7 a.m!
5. For Hayden and Carson to grow up and be just like their Dad!
6. For the economy to quit going downhill!
7. To have my awesome friends raise their families with mine!
8. For Matt and I to always be best friends!

8 things I look forward to...
1. Christmas
2. Hayden and Carson becoming best friends
3. Our families ugly Christmas sweater competition this weekend!
4. Mine and Matt's 10 year anniversary in 6 months!
5. To be finished Christmas shopping! (um yeah, it's the 23rd!)
6. Opening my Christmas presents from Matt!
7. Watching Hayden wake up Christmas morning!
8. Going to the beach with our friends! (and not having a 6 month old)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Let the fun begin!!

Here's a few pictures of Christmas Fun in the Noe household (and a few at Mimi's). I'm sure I'll do quite a few Christmas posts. I love Christmas!! The stockings are now hung by the chimney with care and my whack tree is in the living room. I say whack b/c we tried not to hang ornaments too low b/c of my little "I get into everything" Carson. Hayden stayed up late last night and helped us decorate the tree and some places has one ornament and some branches have three. I guess this is the beginning of making the statement every year "the kids decorated the tree!" My mom has said when the day came that she decorated the tree again and there were no more homemade school ornaments, it made her so sad! So I'll enjoy my "whack" tree! Here's some of my favorite pictures....so far!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Get yourself somethin' real nice Clark!"

So, some of you might think after reading this that I'm a cold, empty person inside! I'm hoping that I get a few shout outs on the comment section of this post and a few "holla's." Ok, we went to see my parents for Thanksgiving this year. We haven't been to my parents house for Thanksgiving in 9 years! The whole time we've been married we've either gone with Matt's parents, been in NC or at home with a newborn. Now that we are staying home with our kids for Christmas, we go see grandparents the weekend before Christmas and the weekend after. So, I told Matt that we needed to start trading out Thanksgiving with our parents. One of my brother's went to Abilene with his in laws and the other was still playing in the high school football playoffs. So, we're gonna have a relaxing Wednesday-Sunday with all the attention, a little relaxation and maybe a date night right? WRONG! Thanksgiving Day was fine but my mom had to work Friday. Matt and my sister in law decided to wake up Friday morning, b/c she stopped to spend the night Thursday night, and go to Super Walmart at 5am for Black Friday sales on some toys they were eye balling. If any of you live in a small town that ONLY has a Walmart, don't weather that storm with a bunch of rednecks that have been camping out since midnight!! Remember that Friends episode when Rachel and Phoebe go with Monica to find her wedding dress and Rachel sits down and just blows her whistle? Matt said he got trapped by crazy folks and four shopping carts and all he could do was sit down! Later that morning, Matt, my dad and sister in law and her kids decide they're all gonna go to my brother's football game at Texas Stadium. So, I stay home with Hayden, Carson, and my nephew Chance. I spend all day with three kids, with my oldest being the biggest terd ever. Lovely day! Oh, and did I tell you that my brother and sister in law brought their 105lb lab? "Just make sure he has water and food and let him out to pee throughout the day.....and whatever you do, make sure he has his leash on or he'll run away." Two hours into me "babysitting" the dog, my grandmother comes over and Chance and Hayden run out to greet her and leave the front door open. Who gets out? Yes, Bear the dog starts running around the culdesac my parents live on. I can't gimp around and chase him down so I call my sister in law and she tells me to get in the car b/c he loves car rides. I'm standing at the door keeping Carson in the house yelling "Bear, you come back Bear!" My 82 yr old grandmother gets in her Suburban with the drivers side open and is doing donuts in the culdesac trying to catch the dog! (Matt said "Andrea, that's why you have a camera phone!") Our neighbor down the street comes and catches him and drags him inside! A few hours pass and I have the kids asleep and decide to take Bear out to go to the bathroom. When you have a hard time walking from the couch to the kitchen, putting a 105lb dog on a leash isn't a good idea! Bear took off b/c he heard some dogs barking and drug me through the leaves in the yard but I didn't let go!!! Matt comes home Friday night late with me draped across my bed crying because I'm so tired and mad at Hayden, who has been so bad at bed time that he woke Carson 4 times!! Does anyone else think it's the biggest pain to have your children out of their element at bedtime? When my whole family is home at Christmas, me, Matt and the two boys sleep in one room, 4 people in another room, three in the other bedroom and the two oldest kids sleep on couches. No fun at bedtime!! To make this Thanksgiving even a little more "interesting," we've started to realize my parents get on our nerves! Don't get me wrong, I love my family. It's a blast when everyone's home and when we lived 1400 miles away I missed them so much. My parents are about to be 60 and I swear they act like they're 85! We sat in my bedroom and said "ya wanna go home?" So, we packed up and came home. I think maybe we realize the older we are getting and now that we have our own family, that our parents aren't so normal anymore. We can drive 2 and half hours from my parents house and talk about all the things they do that drives us crazy! I'm sure there's some of you out there who love hanging out with their parents and are thinking "poor Andrea, her family must be really bad." Honestly they aren't bad, we're just starting to feel like we are messing up their routines a little. When we got home to our humble abode, I did snow angels on the carpet b/c I was so excited to put the boys in their beds, watch the Sooners play on myTV, then sleep in my comfy bed. So come on folks, be honest....anyone else's parents drive them a little crazy? (Note: this picture isn't really my family!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Carson's Party (pictures are out of order)

The party's over!!
My very own presents....tell my brother!
What? There's something on my face?
The fam.....Hayden's head is in there:-)
I guess I'll try it.
Big Cookout Daddy
My personal baker!!
Cutest cake EVER!
The cheeseburger family

We had Carson's first birthday party on Saturday. Let me explain why we had a cheeseburger party! I was looking online one day at first birthday shirts and found one that was all Carson! I emailed it to Matt and he said "buy it now!!" It said "For my 1st birthday I want a HUGE cheeseburger." We have joked in our family since Carson was born that he'd eat a cheeseburger if you gave him one. So, the cheeseburger shirt was bought, the family cheeseburger shirts were soon to follow and the cookout idea came soon after. My fabulous friend Kimberly aka "Bree Vandekamp" made a cheeseburger cake for Carson. I asked her if she could do it and she said "sure." She blows my mind!! I searched and searched for invitations and couldn't find what I wanted. I remembered my Little Sis in club at ACU owns a paper place and I emailed her and asked what she could throw together for me. Within 20 minutes she had proofs for me and I loved everything she did....thank you notes too! It may not be the "norm" for 1st birthday party's, but it fit Carson. We had a ball and thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate his first year!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Carson!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Carson!!! What a year it's been and it's been a fast one. Matt and I always say "I don't want him to do____ b/c that means he won't be our baby anymore!" I love Carson Jones Noe to pieces! I just want to bite him!! Saturday is his birthday party and I'll post pictures when it's over. It's gonna be a good time:-)