Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why buy new?

So, my friend Jennifer and I were in consignment heaven last night!! We both love places like Kid 2 Kid and Once Upon a Child, so to learn about the most enormous consignment sale in the metroplex, we were fired up! There's a company, I guess you can call it that, called Just Between Friends, and they host really big consignment sales throughout the US. This week the one in Ft. Worth is at the Will Rogers Center downtown. It actually starts today and runs through Friday, but we got a little VIP treatment. Last night was the "sneak peek" for the consigners (those are the people selling their kids clothes), the volunteers, and first time moms. Well, since I'm a first time mom, I qualified to go last night and I could bring a friend. It was from 8-!0:30....18,000 sq.ft of "stuff." I'm telling you they had 50 strollers, beds, dressers, rocking chairs, every toy that Toys R Us carries, clothes clothes and more clothes, shoes, books, DVD' name it, they had it. I'm not sure how little girls are with their clothes, but boys are rough! Hayden spills things, gets dirt all over his shirts, wipes his hands on his pants etc etc. So, I basically buy Hayden nice clothes for church and going places with friends or just for being out and about, but day to day clothes and school clothes....Consignment stores baby! Let me just tell you what I got last night (and keep in mind everything I got was Gap, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and Gymboree). 12 shirts, 15 pair of shorts, wind pants and jeans, one pair of shoes (you know those Adidas sandals you can buy that you just slide on your feet....his shoes are like that with a strap on the back) and 4 big toys. (a Little Tykes rocking horse..actually a dog, Little People roller coaster type toy, Leap Frog Learning Drum, and a 3 in 1 sport toy (basketball goal, golf set, and baseball all in one toy) Go ahead, guess in your head how much I spent.........................$124! That's right. I am so excited. This child has his entire spring/summer wardrobe and it's only February. Even better news is that the fall/winter sale is in September. You can guarantee Jennifer and I will be there. So, if you've never been to any of the stores I've mentioned...go... or would like to check out the website to see if there's a sale like this close to it! You might think Jenn and I are white trash, you may think "I only buy my child brand new clothes." That's fine, but my friends wise up, take the consignment plunge, and when you finally do, you'll never look back. If your child spills red Kool-Aid down the front of that cute white polo you bought him, who only cost THREE DOLLARS.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Maybe I'm a tease!

Maybe I'm back, maybe I'm not. I have had several requests by email to continue blogging. Back in the fall I did a post asking if anyone was reading my blog. Surprisingly I had people comment and say yes they read it. Here's the deal though....I LOVE to read people's blogs. Some of them I know, a lot of them I don't. I really try to comment on people's blogs where I see fit and I have even commented on some of those people's blogs I don't know! Do I do it because I ALWAYS have something to say? Maybe. Do I do it because I want them to know someone is reading their blog? Maybe. Do I do it because I don't want them to think they are just keeping a little journal about their own life and the only time it's being read is when they proof read it before they publish it? Probably so! I know my blog isn't very interesting (exactly why I tried to mix it up a little with the whole Valentine's day post...thanks for commenting Magan and Jenn, thanks for nothing. You said you were going to comment) I think I decided no one was reading my little "journal" so it was a waste of my time. Since I had some comments on the blog and some emails too, I'm gonna give it another shot. Please leave comments on my blog. I'd love to read your feedback. I've told my friend Jennifer that maybe I should start a real journal...."A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom." I tell her stories of things I do during the day and most of the time she can't believe the things I do. For instance, the other day while Hayden was at school, I heard something on his monitor. Since we're renting a duplex until we find a house, and there's apartments across the street, we pick up a lot of phone calls if the monitor is on the wrong channel. Well the other day I layed on my bed and listened to about a 20 minute phone call and just laughed my tail off. Oh my it was hilarious. Or here's an oldie that some of you know...When we were still in NC, one day I noticed our neighbor mowing her lawn. Now let me tell you that our neighbors were three African-American women. The mother, her daughter, and her daughter. Well, the one who was mowing was Magnolia, yes that's her real name. The funny thing was, she was mowing in a MuMu, without her wig on, with tennis shoes and no socks, with an ELECTRIC MOWER. It was so funny, I hid at our living room window and video taped her with my digital camera. I emailed it to tons of people and I've had people tell me they kept that for the longest time, just to get a good laugh. Here's one more for ya. Back when Hayden was probably 9 months old, we were talking with our friends The Brabble's and The Collier's in NC one night. We were talking about how you send out all these pictures of your "beautiful" baby in the hospital when they're born, and even more the first few months of their life. Now don't you look back now and think "Oh my, we sent these to people?" Wow! So, while talking to them I said I was going to send them all an email one day that week with the "Best of Hayden" pictures....the scariest and ugliest newborn pictures I could find of him. I did it and I really think they got a kick out of it. Who does that? Now you might say "we watch birdies out the window during the day." Or "I'm a member of a SAHM club and we have a playgroup twice a week." Been there, done that...that's two journal entries right there!! I'm not one of those people. I love my little Hayden more than anything in this world, BUT I'm a people person. You keep me in a house, day after day, with someone who says "gibagoba umenips hokitlmsers 'Mama' humdners 'Dog' veopldmrto 'Juice'" I'm gonna go a little wacko. Obviously. The stories go on and on. So, maybe I'm going to change this blog to my personal, online journal. Maybe the problem has been that I haven't been interesting or worthy of any comments. Well, game on. I'm about to rock your blog-stalking world. Hold on to your seats b/c the journal of a semi-sane mother of an 18 month old is about to begin. (I will still include random pictures of my precious little boy though...whether they have anything to do with my entry or not.) Enjoy the ride!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Signing off

Well, I set this blog up in the beginning for our families to read while we lived in North Carolina. I love lurking around at other people's blogs etc, but I think I'm done here. I don't blog a ton, but when I do I feel like I'm blogging to one person. ha,ha. I thought maybe people were tired of reading about Hayden, so for Valentine's Day I did a different post. I had two responses....both from Magan who entered her comment twice:) I guess until my life becomes a little more exciting, I'll sign off for now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

All my posts are usually about Hayden. Today, I thought I'd post something different. Although Hayden's my favorite little sweetheart and I could talk all about his Valentine Party at school yesterday and the precious gift he gave Matt and I, I won't. ha,ha! I thought I'd see how many people are out there reading my blog. I've posted this before and had a few comments. I guess as time has passed, more people may be out there lurking around on people's blogs like I do everyday. I actually posted a comment on a girl's blog (hi Holly) ,who I went to ACU with, the other day and she commented on my blog and said she reads mine too. It's pretty funny when you realize you thought you were being sneaky and reading about people's lives, some you don't even know, and other people are doing the same thing to you. So, here's my question to everyone. I guess it's a two part question. Number one is What has been your most memorable Valentine's Day? This could be with your husband, boyfriend, your high school sweetheart, from your Dad...whatever. I guess my favorite was from Matt when we were in college and he sent me on a scavenger hunt to find all my gift. I had to go to my linen closet in my bathroom and there was bath and body works stuff, then there was a note that lead me to another place, and another etc etc. The last place I went to, he was waiting with flowers. It was so neat! My other isn't neccesarily a memory, because it happens every year. I have been my dad's Valentine's Day "sweetheart" since I was a little girl. I can remember getting stuffed animals when I was a little girl etc... and when I was in high school, I'd get out of the shower in the morning and go to my room and there was my Valentine's Day present laying on my bed. He'd sneak in my room and put it on the bed right before he'd leave for work. My junior year in college, I thought he had forgotten. I remember telling my roomate Jennifer that I guess I outgrew it. About 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the doorbell rang and he had sent me roses. He still sends me something every year. My dad and I weren't super close when I was a teenager because I was so rebellious and our personalities clashed so bad. Even through our rough times, I was still his sweety on February 14th. Ok, for the second question....If your sweety "whisked" you away for Valentine's day (money's not an object, of course), where would you like to go? My answer is pretty simple. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. I guess I'm not interested in Paris or going to an exotic tropical island or anything. Just Hawaii. Matt and I have said we'd like to do that for our 10th wedding anniversary. Which is actually only 2 years away. CRAZY!! I'm getting old, but that's another post! Well, I look forward to reading everyone's comments. Please take the time to answer the questions. I'd love to read everyone's responses and see who all is sneaking around and reading my blog:)