Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nothing new, just pics

I don't have anything new to report or anything exciting happening so I'm just gonna post pictures. The first three pics are of Hayden and his cousin Chance. Hayden just usually plays beside other kids and doesn't even really know they're in the room with him. When he's with Chance, he actually plays with him. Chance is three and Hayden does everything Chance does. It's so cute! The next picture is of Hayden asleep on our couch....at 9:30 in the morning!! He fell asleep that early because since Hayden has been sleeping in a twin bed, he gets up between 6:00 and 6:30 every morning!!!! This hasn't set well with me since I'm pregnant and really need my sleep! The next three pictures are of some of our church friends. The men had a retreat this past weekend, so Friday night us girls got together to let the kids play and we ate pizza and cookies. I love this next picture. This is of Hayden at the mall play area, that I think he'd go to everyday and never get sick of it! I just think he looks just like Matt in it. The last picture shows Hayden's personality...at home. We bought him a dog "pack pack" that's actually a leash. He's not a fan of using it for that, but he loves to wear it at home. He calls the leash part his tail! The funny part to me is that if you click on the picture to make it larger, you can see what this child has on...by choice. A white under shirt, sweat pants, flip flops, and a waffle in his hand! He likes to walk around in different shoes in the house. Too cute. Well, sorry I just had to brag about my cute kid here. Nothing new to report. I'll report some baby news after my next doctors appointment in a little over a week and I'll post pictures of the house once there's something to post other than dirt!


Alexis said...

He looks just like Matt in that first picture! I guess the cast doesn't keep him from playing! What a cutie! Hope you are doing well! How are you feeling?