Monday, April 14, 2008

7 Random, Crazy, Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Melanie to list 7 random things about me....

1. I am OCD when it comes to irons and ovens etc...even if I haven't used them, I always have to check twice before leaving the house!!
2. One of my thumbs actually looks like a toe!!
3. My favorite smell is Matt's underarms!!
4. My friend Jennifer and I lived with a girl in college who turned out to be gay!! Jennifer and I slept in the same room for months because we were afraid she was going to come onto us!!
5. I don't pump my own gas. My dad pumped it for me when I was younger and my husband does it for me now!!
6. I pretended to workout for a month when Matt and I were first married. I actually put workout clothes on every day so when he came home, he'd think I had worked out!!
7. I am like Rain Man with numbers. I can tell you my parents license plates from when I was a kid, my first car's license plate, I can remember birthdays without looking at a calendar, and I know most people's phone numbers by heart!!

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 other people. Here are the rules…

–Link to the person who tagged you.
–Post the rules in your blog entry.
–Share 7 random, or weird, facts about yourself.
–Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them.
–Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged.

I tag.....Angie, Kimberly Blake, Shara, Christa, Cara, Kendra, and Summer Walters.


*Kendra* said...

I'm kinda hung up on #3 right now....I like the way Jeremy's deoderant smells, but I'm not sure I like it mixed in with his underarm sweat and all....
You're weird! :) I'm off to think of my own list....

*Kendra* said...

Awww, I just noticed that you put Cason's name by ours in your link're the first person to do that....kinda weird to have two kids names out to the side of mine!

Anonymous said...

am shocked you put #4!!! Lot's of ACU people read this blog! your crazy!!! jen

The Blakes said...

OK. I am a little confused on how to play this game. More than anything, I don't think I can post to 7 people. By the way, your a nut.

Chesser Family said...

Hey Andrea, this is Tracie Chesser in Brownwood. I love your blogspot. I love your list of Random things. I am a phone number person too. When I see people I associate with their telephone number. If your every in my home town, call I can give you the numbers to Dairy Queen, Walmart and almost anyother place!!!:)

I also wanted to let you know I have been praying for you.

Is is ok if I add your website to my blogspot?