Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life Is Good!

Two of my great friends, Kimberly B and Angie, told me when Carson was just a few weeks old that by the time he's about 6 months old that life would be good! Not that I've been wishing away my time with my sweet baby, but we're coming upon 6 months and they were so right!! About a month ago we took Hayden off all his allergy medicines. He has been on Zyrtec, Singulair, and Flonase since September. He does have really bad allergies and his flare ups always turn into sinus infections, which turn into ear infections, but we've felt like we were over drugging him. We also thought we were experiencing the worst case of terrible two's ever!! Well, once the news broke that the FDA was investing Singulair because people were having suicidal tendencies, we decided to take him off of everything. (of course without thinking Hayden had suicidal tendencies but wondering if it had something to do with his fits) We are now a month into taking him off everything and he is a new kid. He's funny, happy, and seems like my precious little boy again. Is it a fluke...maybe. All I know is that life in our household is good! Carson is the sweetest baby on earth too and so easy. He just plays on the floor and smiles and coos and watches his brother all the time. I look at them and think about how much fun they are about to start having together. Of course Hayden's been "playing" with him since we brought him home from the hospital. We'd find Carson's little hands clasping hot wheels pretty often! Hilarious!! I watch them interact throughout the day and they just melt my heart. Who knows, in a month my post might be titled "I'm about to pull my hair out," but for now Life is Good. I love these two brothers to pieces!

Monday, April 14, 2008

7 Random, Crazy, Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Melanie to list 7 random things about me....

1. I am OCD when it comes to irons and ovens etc...even if I haven't used them, I always have to check twice before leaving the house!!
2. One of my thumbs actually looks like a toe!!
3. My favorite smell is Matt's underarms!!
4. My friend Jennifer and I lived with a girl in college who turned out to be gay!! Jennifer and I slept in the same room for months because we were afraid she was going to come onto us!!
5. I don't pump my own gas. My dad pumped it for me when I was younger and my husband does it for me now!!
6. I pretended to workout for a month when Matt and I were first married. I actually put workout clothes on every day so when he came home, he'd think I had worked out!!
7. I am like Rain Man with numbers. I can tell you my parents license plates from when I was a kid, my first car's license plate, I can remember birthdays without looking at a calendar, and I know most people's phone numbers by heart!!

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 other people. Here are the rules…

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I tag.....Angie, Kimberly Blake, Shara, Christa, Cara, Kendra, and Summer Walters.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Botanical Gardens..FINALLY!

Well, we finally made it to the Botanical Gardens. Not the one we tried to go to over a week ago though! Our mom's group at church decided we were going to dress our kiddos up in pretty spring clothes and go to the Dallas Blooms botanical gardens. Kimberly Holmes had it all planned out for us. We had probably 10 mom's and I'll just say tons of kids in tow. We all met at Grapevine Mills at 8:45 and were going to pull out of the parking lot at 9:00. Surprisingly, we were only 3 minutes late! We started the caravan and made it to Dallas just in time for the rain to start! We all pulled over and decided that pictures and a picnic outside wasn't the best plan at this point. We decided on the Dallas World Aquarium. We all paid our $20 and joined 700 kids on a field trip!! I won't go into more details because so many of the mom's have already told the whole story on their blogs, but I'll just say that the $20 was not well spent! We were going to try again last Friday and it stormed Thursday night. So...today was going to be the big day. BUT, our event planner went into labor Saturday morning, 3 weeks early! Sunday a few of us decided we'd just make it a day at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens and eat lunch at Chik Fil A. So...here are the Spring pictures, finally! I kept telling Hayden all morning that he needed to be a good boy and say cheese and hold his brother so mom could get some good pictures. He was an angel for me and in most pictures he held Carson, but in the head lock. The ones of him by himself have beautiful backgrounds with all the gorgeous flowers, but he's making the silliest "Cheese" face. He did just what I told him to do:-) We've discussed a day at the zoo in the near future and I'm just hoping that outing works out for us. Luckily, this group of mom's are amazing. We all love each other to death and love each others kids too. If a two year old runs off, someone's going to grab them. If you need to stop and breastfeed, no worries because at least three other people need to do the same and about 5 others can always stop and change a diaper! We are so blessed to have such cute kids and even more blessed to have such an amazing church!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where's my Hayden?

My friend Kendra sparked this post.... We had a long talk at dinner Sunday night about our "terrible two year olds." Matt and I said that the day after Hayden's second birthday, he became a different kid. I was the worst two year old ever, per my parents! They have always said "you'll get paid back one of these days!" Well, I am. My trouble is not with my 5 month old...it's my 2 year old. In public, Hayden is a doll. People tell me all the time how sweet and good he is. The moment he steps foot in our door, he turns into a little devil. I guess I'd rather have him good in public than a little devil everywhere! His "thing" right now is to do the complete opposite of what we want him to do. He throws fits like I've never seen and cries all the time!! Poor little Carson rarely naps because his brother wakes him up all day. We spank, we do timeout, we try to reason with him, we've ignored him, we've flipped out on him, we've remained calm, you name it and we've done it. Nothing is working. I will say that he has been struggling with horrible allergies since about September and is on THREE allergy medicines. I don't know if he just always feels bad or if this is our life with a toddler. We are 5 months away from turning three and we are just hoping that year is better than this one! I'm not sure it could get much worse. If anyone has advice, please give it to me!!! I posted a few pictures that shows the sweet side of Hayden Thomas. I guess I need to look back on pictures like this just to remind myself that he can bring a smile to my face...it just doesn't happen very often:-(